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Must Read: Questions of life we are always looking for answer

  • "I am tired",

  • "life throws circumstances",

  • "feel like burden", "feel stuck",

  • "not finding interest in doing something",

  • "I cannot come out of situations",

  • "why life is like that to me",

  • "it seems I am the most unluckiest person",

  • "whatever venture I start I fail"

are few question we all come across in our life journey, why do we have those questions in our life path, we never able to understand or realize because we never witness them from outside us but get in that loop of thought process where we constantly keep focussing on same event or thought over and again,

Question arises, how to overcome these question and be free from the loop and have success,

No question is difficult, we just have to seek answer

First and foremost, know and love yourself, you are beautiful and appreciate that beautiful creation, if you are not to love self then how will mind, body and soul will love you, you are the first lover of self, its same like, give the respect you want from others, so give the respect to self and then you will get the respect from within,

Do not dwell in past because past is past and will never revert back to present, learn from past but do not carry now and then in every conversation, specially failures of life, for that give birth to negative energy,

do not dwell in past, because present is gift for you, open it

Always cherish good moments of life, if you want to remember, bring forth the good memories, which will create good energies,

Life is not burden nor you are stuck, its just that you have surrendered yourself to those situations and circumstances, you are alive, everyday present, means you can change everything around, you may not be able to control the situations but you are definitely in charge of how you can respond, the situations are there to teach you something and help you evolve, learn, move ahead,

More you depend on others more failures of expectations will arise, try to do as many as work through you rather waiting for others to do for you,

celebrate life, life celebrates for you, you hold the key to celebration

And yes, always be true to yourself and your values rather having expectations beyond self, be real, being a dreamer is good but be practical too,

Do not ever talk negative about self, always talk positive for self, for you own a respect outside you also, know that doing right is always right, even if you have to say no just because something is giving you returns, you are not a failure but already a success of traveling so far,

No situation, circumstance or thought is difficult, you just have to sit, breathe, think and take baby step rather thinking of leaps to success,

Nature never gives up, even after jungle fire, new life takes birth

Being alive is the best present you have, and being alive is the best realization that you can anytime can change any situation, just need to believe in self more and more, do not doubt your existence infront of others, realize that you can be an inspiration to someone, so keep your acts and values truthful to self,

Have a smiling present and always do some kind of prayer or meditation or giving (the one who gives lives with joy more) everyday, helping you to sync your mind, body and soul,

Feel free to write me at life is all about sharing, caring and loving

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