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All donations to the Foundation are subject to exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. Be a part of the revolution that begins with you. 
Spiritual Veda Welfare Foundation

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The world is filled with numerous challenges, and everyone must navigate the journey of life. Some individuals struggle with these difficulties, while others seem to have an easier path.


The Spiritual Veda Welfare Foundation is dedicated to offering support to those who find it challenging to carry their burdens.

Over the years, this foundation has made modest yet meaningful efforts to bring happiness to people's lives. The most rewarding outcome for the foundation is seeing a smile on the face of someone who has faced hardships.


While the foundation has succeeded in bringing joy to many individuals worldwide, it acknowledges that there is much work to be done. It sees itself as a humble instrument in the healing of humanity, recognizing that time is often the most effective healer.

The Spiritual Veda Welfare Foundation doesn't rely on magic but rather serves as a guide when requested. It encourages individuals to trust in a higher power with all their heart and to walk through life with faith, knowing that everything will fall into place.

In essence, the foundation's mission revolves around creating smiles and promoting inner peace through sharing, caring, and love.

Mother earth

Work place-Mother Earth

you are not alone, share your thoughts with us


creator of smiles through peace

Purpose-Creator of Smiles

aum namaha shivaya

Learning-Divine Territory

zen the peace of mind

Beauty of Being Human

Beauty of human is to be human and being human, everything else is superficial, if we cannot be there for our fellow human, no money can create smiles within, hand of help is the hand of true wealth.


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