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We are living in a world, torn by innumerable maladies. Each one of us has to toil through the process called life. There are some who succumb to the afflictions of life, while many others sail through easily. Spiritual Veda Foundation strives to lend a healing touch to all such people who find it hard to carry their own cross. The Foundation has been trying- small effort nonetheless- for quite some time, to make the world a happier place. As such, a smile on a happy face is the greatest reward and contentment that the Foundation yearns for. For years, it has been successful in enabling people smile, despite their problems, in many parts of the world. However, the Foundation has a long way to go. It is just an innocuous tool which endeavors to heal the humanity, although it is said, ‘Time is the best healer in the world’. So, stay happy, and be brave. Problems always come with an expiry date.

Spiritual Veda

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