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Power of nature (God), self realisation & purpose of Life by Kishore Baporda

Story of my opinion During and after Covid, human values, relationships, work place environment, social outlook have all undergone a great and purposeful transformation. Our outlook towards our health and towards others got a phillip. We turned empathetic. We have become philanthropic. We have tried to be a participant in our acts of improving our life as well as of others.

Rightly said, our values of community living manifest in the best way in a phase of global tragedy or difficulty.

we shall come over this pandemic phase and after a few years, we shall gradually forget if there was any Corona in our life. Corona has certainly tortured us in many ways but it was a better teacher than a torturer.

Realizing the power of nature (God)

If we start focusing on positive aspects then we have a long list of new learnings that have done wonders to our lives

  • Nature Love. Suddenly after so many years, we realised that our surroundings have a wonderful tree, birds, beautiful sunrise & sunset to feel like a holiday as a routine.

  • Deliberate Mindful Practice. We realised that it’s the repeated acts that bring a slow but steady growth. We started doing mindful breathing and so much to find our inner self wisdom

Anything that’s happening around us has a reason and there is a bigger plan for it.

Let’s evolve our own self towards the changing circumstances around us. We need to evolve into a lifestyle that has self-care at the centre of it.

CoVid has made people to realize the power of nature (God), self realisation and purpose of our Life.

I wish & pray all divine family 👪 that all of you have an excellent healthy happy 😊 divine 💖 life ahead full of divine divinity.

Please do take excellent care of yourself and your beloved 👪.

Heal nature and you heal naturallu

It will be most prudent and wise to embrace & encounter cosmic dimensions of mighty mother nature regularly during early morning 🌄 and night 🌙to rejuvenate , empower and activate your cosmic immunity system duly refilling universal eternal energy in your deep divine core helping you achieve true purpose , peace ✌and happiness 💘 in your life always. Your true trusted well-wisher friend , Kishore🙏🙏

Kishore Bapodra

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