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Why is my life boring or stuck in loop?

Someone shared the message with me yesterday, "SV these days every day is a constant loop. I wake up and do the same things again. Even the loved ones feel very distant now. I don't know if that is something I'm feeling or something that is actually happening. Everything in life feels very meaningless now.

I think I crave change but I don't know how long even the change is going to last. I think I had my peaceful enlightenment period where I was okay with everything and made my peace with things that I can't control but these days no matter what I do nothing feels enough and it feels like I'm stuck in one place and there is no progress towards anything.

Ask question to self
Take a break from routine day, go out, ponder

I already know that there is not going to be peace anywhere unless there is no peace within me but I don't know what to do now. It's also weird that all the questions I've already know the answer to but still don't know what to do.

I know that all the things I want will take time and when I have those things I'll be able to appreciate them more but sometimes I don't even know if I want anything at all"

This happened to me a few years back, loop, and I was stuck in that loop, with time and awakening I realized I was never meant for this loop or work which I do, my purpose in life is not just to eat, sleep and live, but something beyond,

And that beyond was healing, healing the beautiful souls around world, healing and helping, gradually I followed my purpose of life, and since then, life is not in the loop but beyond the loop, because I am not living for me but for the universal welfare,

Think who you are
Work, eat, sleep and produce

We all have a purpose to arrive here, not just to take birth, eat, sleep and produce, which every animal does, but they never think of this loop because they are not awakened to high consciousness like humans,

Follow your passion, whatever it may be, always remember, you cannot change or control anything beyond you, so change yourself and embark on a journey of your purpose, you will discover the eternal bliss within,

If you are worried about the world and what the world will say, then there would never have been Buddha or Swami Vivekananda or Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or a similar beautiful soul,

Think, on above lines, figure out why you have arrived here, and soon you will realize your life is more than what you think and far more joyous than what you are doing now,

Take a break from routine day, walk in nature, ask question to self, ponder and evolve for your purpose,

Enjoy the NOW

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