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The ego of kindness, birth of "I"

Don't let "i" within you grow unknowingly,

At times we start some kind purpose and as and when that purpose resonates to the world, we unknowingly start developing ego of "I",

We do not even realize when that "I" has taken birth, and we keep on saying to ourselves and others, that I do not have I, but the fact is "I" gradually become so big that we will never realize and we start living in it,

Ego can only be broken from inside

That's the beauty of "I",

If we are doing something kind or serving humanity, be grounded, realize that God has able you and gifted you with this opportunity to share and extend these blessings ahead, nothing is you own, and the only thing you can share is goodness and kindness of self,

A saint once healed a person from his ailments, as saint healed him the person became perfectly healthy,

Then saint started sharing to the world, "I" healed him and because of me he is healthy now,

As soon as the saint shared the above words, the person became more ill than he was before healing,

The whole idea is, "I" in the context of kindness is never expected from anyone,

That is where awakening and enlightenment of soul is important, just keep doing your purpose, and realize you are part of this universe and can never walk alone, whatever is happening is blessings from God, there is no "Me. I or Mine" when we share love, love is love and when there is love, there is no you and me,

When there is no "me", realization of existence starts,

Stay blessed

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