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humankind biggest changes for the good of all by Natasha

This is what I wrote, I hope you like it and it’s good enough.

Blessings 🙏🙏

How have I thrived through the COVID pandemia?

I know it’s been hard times for everyone around the world, including myself. I was actually in lockdown before the pandemic started because of a traumatic situation I had. Then the pandemic kicked in and we we’re all put in lockdown. The situation has been hard for me and even worst for more people. Not all have a good and peaceful situation at home, some of us live in abusive environments at home, and being 24/7 in those environments made it pretty bad. Also, some people are not used to live with their families all the time and that made have put in surface pretty hard relationship issues. Others have seen their loved ones died during this pandemic and it’s been pretty hard too, and what about elder people being alone all the time and making them fall into depression even to the point of suicide.

I perceive, feel and understand all that, but I have seen also something beautiful arisen from this time. People have become more sensitive, empathetic and compassionate about others around them and even from afar.

being sensitive and helping others is caring

People becoming friends and almost family even if they leave in completely different places, giving support and a shoulder to cry on or just to laugh and connect with each other, that has left me speechless, I never imagined that in such harsh circumstances this could happen, but it has.

Besides that, I’ve seen people awaken spiritually speaking, searching inside for who they are, what is the reason they are truly in this world and searching for more knowledge and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. That’s what has made me thrive through all the rest, it’s so magnificent to see how many people are doing this and trying to find their true path in life, it fills me with joy to see how finally people are understanding there’s more than materialistic things and the reality outside, and actually looking inward and understanding that we are all one, connected to each other’s soul. I know there’s a lot of pain, but a lot of human beings are thriving through this by knowing who they truly are, and see that we are all the same.

Let us work for each other and be there
There is only one kind and that is Humankind

Definitely humankind is going through one of the hardest moments in history, but also it’s going through one of the biggest changes for the good of all.


Natasha Ugalde Semionova

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