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Your life, Google search, Horoscope & Ailments

The other day my one of the friend was in mild corona and by God grace he recovered, he message me after few days saying SV I feel like I will die tomorrow and reason is he was feeling heavy in heart, left hand had burning sensation and so on, above all he being quarantined (major reason for depression and hypertension, post COVID effect), alone, searched google on the symptoms and symptoms of heart attack, when he read all these symptoms and effects, he was pretty convinced he is going to have heart attack in day or two and he will die,

Be you and have faith

He like many millions around globe, straight away goto google search for symptoms or effects of any disease or ailments and above that about the effect of medicine prescribed by docs, being aware is good but blindly following the text searched in google listed sites is not justifying to self,

just relax
Every search is not for you

Everyone must have read daily zodiac or horoscopes published over websites and newspapers everyday, those published predictions about zodiacs are in general and cannot be implied on 8 billion people around globe, they have been published just to read, connect and move ahead with your life,

To know more in details about your life in astrology, one need to goto good astrologer (it is somewhat science too) then only you will know or anticipate about future events, although the future is never confirm but an idea can be taken and we can adjust our lifestyle as per the anticipated predictions, our actions can definitely help us to change our upcoming moments or decrease the effect,

Same way daily zodiac is generic

Back to google searches on medicine, disease or ailments, the symptoms or effects mentioned in searched google listed websites are generic like daily zodiacs, we cannot say that specific symptom or effect will happen to us when we are sick or taking medicine (effect of medicine),

Each one body chemistry and biology is different, what might happen to me might not be true for you, your chemistry and biology is different from me, like finger prints or DNA, we cannot compare, even the medicine which helped me might not be helpful for you too,

Your cellular abilities, strength or immunity is specific, for the same, some recover from diseases without major complication while others suffer a bit,

So stop searching google for every symptoms or effect on whatever is happening to you, visit your family doctor, take advice, have faith in self and medics,

Inspite of every negative you hear about medical science, it is still creating smiles in millions across world, just because of the faith those people carry,

Its a science of medical

Every daily prediction is not for you and so are google listed symptoms and effects, being aware is good and adjusting your life is even better,


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