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$1, your contribution is making a difference

Since last one and half years Spiritual Veda Welfare Foundation has been aggressively working for the smiles at various level,

We have never focussed on publicity and have been working silently with the available resources, since we exist because of co-exist, alone we cannot go much far but together definitely we can walk miles,

We do not want your millions, we only look forward for $1/day from you, why $1 because we are not a foundation with financial interests but a foundation to create foundation of humanity and love,

Your support is channelled to the following ways:

  • Food (started a food catering service at Bhopal center to serve the food free) and water supplies,

  • Clothes and footwear

  • Medical aids (collecting medial equipment's from contributors to share),

  • Healing and prayers (team of healers working for the request we receive everyday),

  • Financial assistance, if required

From now on we have stopped taking contribution more then $10, we would appreciate if you can support us only with $1 and not more then that,

We can and we will

As we progress, we will be sharing with you the support we have been doing at different levels time to time,

No act of kindness is small, and can create huge difference,

Stay blessed and be safe

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