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You are a pencil

We all have written with pencil at various level of learning and schooling, when we arrive here on earth, we are like new pencil, all in one case,

Once we go out in world, the pencil works, it will be sharp and good always if it is not allowed to work, always new but with time getting rusted and finally perish without doing or contributing to the pages of life,

But if we use the pencil lot, the sharpness will break many times while writing, you will again have to sharpen, and with time the pencil will become smaller and smaller, proving that, if you want to learn in real, then you have to keep your ego very small,

the broken pencil is about life obstacles and problems you come across, and once you collect yourself and sharpen again, you are good to go, the one who has big ego will always be intact and new,

And as you write on the pages of life, you walk ahead, learning and resonating your existence, whatever it maybe,

There can be million form of pencils with different colors to write but purpose is same, use it to share and write, think what color and writing you are doing to share knowledge,

Stay blessed

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