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Why suppress yourself, lets talk

Lets talk about it, speak up, let it vent out, don't hold back within, share, don't suppress within,

These emotions rather words we unknowingly hold them in our thoughts and in our subconscious mind, whole life we never realize what we are holding within, we keep on taking pressures and stress of some specific event in our life or moments,

We all have witnessed a volcano, the dormant volcano keep it burning within and when time arrives it explode, destroying self first in that process and then others too,

Emotions suppressed are like dormant volcano

Our emotions about some events or trauma is like dormant volcano, if we do not share it, it will explode sometime or other, and harm self more then others,

This dormant energy get stored in us, and keep on blocking the function in our body, which results in pain, suffering or ailments,

Remember, by not sharing, you are breaking within like slow poison, which is effecting every corner of your life, be it professional or personal,

Do not try to cover, let them go

Find someone with whom you can vent out or share your deepest and most specific emotions, this will help you to overcome your physical pains and will release your stress or pain, let them go, release...

If you think you have something to share and have no one to listen to you, please feel free to write me at remember, your life is precious not just for self but the ones who love you also,

Let us make a life and create smiles, stay blessed

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