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Why I am born as human?

"why I took birth as a human, where I could have been anything besides human",

While sitting on the bank of river, I was pondering on above question, why I have taken birth as human, i could had been anything,

Not just me but many around me, why we have been gifted with thinking, intelligence and ability to walk as per our own (I doubt about our thinking also),

Are we born to just produce, eat, merry and perish, that's what others animals also do, self-oriented and centre, thinking about their daily bread, eat and sleep and next day same cycle,

There might be many supporting theories for our evolution as human and other species but it took millions of years to be what we are not, isn't it,

Whole idea behind our being as human is not just eating and mere survival, the day we are born, we start accumulating, whether it is knowledge, wealth or relations,

And this accumulation results in more accumulation till last breath,

Let us take water, if water does not flow then what will happen, it will be stagnate, stale or evaporate, same way are we, if we keep accumulating without let it flow, the accumulation will become stale and that foul smell will first affect self then surrounding,

We are born as human to flow, whatever we have accumulated, let it flow through you, whether knowledge, wealth or peace within, like a plant, it all starts from small single seed and then it grows into plant or tree, which give so many fruits, shade and many from, just from that single seed,

You are that single seed, which is sowed to bring happiness, joy, smile and unconditional love as fruits, never think where that fruit will go or who will eat,

be a sunflower

The birth of human is very beautiful and blessed, feel that beauty within and let the accumulation flow life river through you to world, and you will see the seed you are will be bestowed with so many fruits,

Think...are you eating and sleeping or you want to flow and nurture the surroundings...think

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