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Why do we awake from sleep in morning?

From a spiritual and mystical perspective, the act of awakening from sleep in the morning can be seen as a profound and symbolic experience that transcends the physical and connects us to higher realms of consciousness. Here's a perspective that aligns with your request:

Transition of Consciousness: Awakening in the morning can be viewed as a transition of consciousness. During sleep, our awareness often moves into deeper states, potentially connecting with universal energies and higher dimensions. The act of waking up represents a return to the physical world, bringing with it insights and energies gathered from the spiritual realm.

Renewal and Rebirth: Each morning can be seen as a form of rebirth, where we emerge from the darkness of sleep into the light of a new day. This symbolism aligns with rebirth and renewal are key themes, signifying the opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

Connection to Universal Energy: it is important for aligning our energy with the universe. Morning awakening can be seen as a moment to consciously connect with the universal energy, setting intentions for the day and harmonizing our inner self with the greater cosmos.

Mindfulness and Presence: Spiritual practices often stress the importance of being present in the moment. Awakening in the morning can serve as a reminder to start each day with mindfulness, appreciating the gift of a new day and the opportunities it presents for spiritual growth and inner exploration.

Gratitude: Act and importance of gratitude. Waking up in the morning can be an occasion to express gratitude for the gift of life and the chance to continue our spiritual journey on Earth.

While going to bed, just forgive everyone and sleep with cleanse heart, when wake up, just thank for the beautiful; night and morning present gifted,

Stay blessed

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