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Why did saint followed God will?

One day while traveling I came across a saint near a river shore, he was sitting there peacefully and watching his boat, suddenly it started raining,

I saw saint ran towards boat and start pouring water in the boat along with the rain water, I was surprised, why is he doing such an act and why does he want to drown his boat at earliest,

The saint, boat and God will

The rain stopped, so does the saint, he started taking the water out of boat now, I was confused to see his act again, why did he pour water in boat when he has to empty it finally,

Couldn't control, I went and asked the saint, "Guruji, what is the purpose or tried to fill water in boat when it rained and what is the purpose of trying to empty the water from boat when rain stopped"

Saint smiled and said" I was sitting on the shore when i saw rains, I ran to the boat and started pouring the water in boat, why, because that's what God will was, He was filling my boat with water so I helped him in the same,

Later when rain stopped, I knew He didn't wanted to drown the boat, so I was helping Him to empty my boat of water," he smiled and walked away in the street...

How you sail the boat is your onus, in silence or in storm

Whole life we keep trying to running against the current or God's will, we never realizes what God want from us, what is our purpose of arriving here,

The boat is our body and saint is our soul, while rains and river is our senses, listen to the soul voice, what it is saying to you,

We can ignore the soul voice and go against it but can we run away from it, if not, then why not help God in furthering His creation and creating smiles beyond the basics we accumulate,


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