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Who is God, how can I see God?

Someone a few days back asked me, "SV, who is God and I don't want a bookish answer or answer which is everywhere", I smiled and asked him, "my dear friend who are you",

He got confused and said, "you know me very well who I am, I am John", I said" John is the name given by others, how did you arrive at this place and in what form", my friend said "SV, I was born as a baby through my parents",

I said exactly" you were nothing but just a cell formed by the merging of ovum and sperm, a shapeless being, and now here you are sitting with me in the handsome form", this is creation,

The creation we are in, is in any form, some call it God, some call it energy and some call it Divinity, but this entire universe is running through energy, and that energy is coined as God,

It exists in every form whether living or non-living, whether stone or you, the energy is changing its form and shapes, you cannot define that energy but you can feel its existence within you, only if you want to,

Just look around you, I am not talking about the universe or stars or planets, just small details around, a seed grows into fruit giving tree, a cell grows into a human, non-living earth becomes living breathing earth, with billions of living species sustained in it,

Who can fill the world with such beautiful colors

The quantum or magnitude of that energy we cannot analyze through our limited knowledge, no matter how much we learn, but its world beyond the world, is God, you are witnessing the creation each second of life as far as you exist, yet we keep denying and not accepting in our own ways.

Approximate 7.8 billion humans on earth and none is the same, not even identical twins are the same, what a creation,

I said my dear friend, if you realize the existence then you will realize each form is God's divine energy, our mind is not so developed to understand everything and anything, that is why we are coming up with all sorts of questions and trying to challenge the existence and its creation,

We can put up many theories for who is God, but core is eternal truth whether we except or not, creation is beautiful in each form,

Think, ponder and feel how beautifully you are created from one single cell, you are precious and part of beautiful creation,

Stay blessed

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