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When Dating Hurts by Bill Mitchell

"When Dating Hurts"

Unlike most Covid stories, my story is a good one. Covid afforded me time to finish a book about dating violence. I'd been working on this book, entitled "When Dating Hurts", for years, I just needed to get it finished, formatted, and published.

When Covid shut everything down, I was able to focus all my time on this lifesaving book. "When Dating Hurts" was published exactly one year ago in April 2020.

So why did I pick this topic for writing a book? My daughter was murdered by her boyfriend in 2005. It was 20 days after her college graduation. Since then, I had made between 100-200 speeches, interviews, podcast episodes and webinars. But I knew a book could reach thousands of people. I have also launched a podcast, also called "When Dating Hurts".

So, my Covid story is not a sad one because I have used this time to do more with my passion: to save the lives of our young adult women and men. "When Dating Hurts" is available on Amazon.

Bill Mitchell

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