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What is the source of money?

Once the basic is fulfilled, anything beyond that is extra for us, we all know this fact very well, but the beauty is we keep denying this truth whole life, making our each desire our necessity, and beauty is we prove it also why that is necessity,

That's the beauty of human, justifying their deeds to the world but the truth is, soul knows everything and it is a never ending CCTV recording within since the time we are born and the tie we perish,

Eternal recording from within

Still we keep running from ourselves whole life to maintain a life of money, money is useful tool but after the basic are met, it just add to those basics as greed and desires,

Yesterday while in discussion, someone shared and said SV, it also depends what is the source of money, if the source of money is without hurting someone or not legal, we might earn it very fast and be rich in no time but we lose our peace, joy and contentment,

This is true, Dharma and Adharma, righteousness or non-righteousness, if the source of money is right, no matter how large or small the amount is, you will be at peace and sleep peacefully at night,

If the source of money is through adharma, the joy, peace and contentment will be replaced by chaos, tensions and stress,

The reason is simple, your soul knows very well how and what you did to earn this money, we might be able to justify our deeds to world, but eternally soul knows what we did,

Money earned through adarma is money drained, you might think you have earned lot but at the end of the day, you have spend more then what you earned just to coverup things,

Moreover, it effect our generations to arrive, be it our kids or their kids we never know, think

Think, what are you creating

Since there is a innate fear within, what might happen next, we enter into a never ending labyrinth of maintaining the source and trying to run away from that fear, leading all roads to chaos of mind, body and soul,

The path to Dharma might be difficult but it is peaceful, the path to Adharma might be easy but it is chaos,

Think, what source you have and what are you creating for self and generations to arrive

Stay blessed

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