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What has been done, cannot be wrong

Someone asked me SV, if its all predefined then why one should pray because if its all being written and said, let us just flow and do our karmas,

I smiled and shared with the beautiful soul a small story which I could recall about Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, one day He was traveling and during travel He rested for a day near a village,

Next to Him was King camp, who heard that everyone is flocking to Maharaj ji for His blessings and prayers, the king witnessed the proceedings whole day and unable to control himself, he visited the Maharaj ji and put forth a question, "it is said that whatever is destined, is bound to happen. Something else can happen, only if what has been done previously is wrong. Since what has been done, cannot be wrong, there is no scope for anything else happening.

So, when the people pray before you or God for success in their endeavours, what do they pray for, since nothing else can happen except what is destined?"

Guruji smiled and asked for a piece of paper, on which He applied seal and stamped it simultaneously, the kind was more confused and asked to explain,

Guruji shared with calmness, "the letters on the seal was already there and not written now, apart from the letters, they have been inscribed in reverse, when the seal bows and touch its head to the paper, the reverse letters will become straight and get stamped on it."

Sharing further by Guruji "same way, the Divine has made and given a provision or opportunity or blessing in ones life or so called destiny, so when one pray or bow to Guru, the adverse destiny or life path adversity of destiny is corrected, this reversal is as per destiny, and not otherwise. "

We have been given already a stamp of prayers on the paper called life, how we pray and act with our karmas can always help us in our adverse destiny, create smiles and peace of mind for self and others around,

Share love, be kind and let us heal each other for better,

Stay blessed

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