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What does year 2022 stands and holds for all?


The year 2022 holds a lot of significance in humanity and the life of humans, it will be a milestone in realizing the existence of life,

It is said that God took six days to create the world, humankind was created on day 6, 2022 is a new beginning in the life of humankind and their existence, new creation of humanity will take place for everyone welfare,

The year 2022 will be a beginning of oneness and empathy, being a number 6, it is a symbol of perfection and completion because the world was created in six days with perfection,

Number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus which is called Shukra in Hindu astrology, the year 2022 will be a year of harmony, communion, marriage (new beginning), and bliss of finding self.

As per Hinduism the day Friday, ruling God is believed to be Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, and Lord Kartikeya, God of wisdom and knowledge while Lord Kartekiyen is the destroyer of evil or demons,

The awakening of self through right knowledge and wisdom naturally destroys all the demons we hold within like rage, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, etc,

The year 2022 will witness a lot of awakening and spiritual souls working together for humanity and its existence, a year that will be more humane with love and kindness,

We will realize how important it is to share, care and love each other because we co-exist and the relevance of me, mine and I is purely non-existential,

The year 2022 will guide you to your righteous dharma and karma, facilitating peace of mind and creating more smiles, in your life and the ones around you,

A new beginning for our Mother Earth with love and care, Happy New Year to each beautiful soul, stay blessed everyone

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