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What are you sculpting?

You are a beautiful idol,

Once upon a time a king called for all the sculptors and handed over to them a piece of stone, asking them to sculpt a beautiful idol,

Every sculptor made a beautiful idol but the one who won kind heart had made a divine image of Shree Krishna,

King praised him a lot for his talent, the sculptor with all the kindness, said politely, King, I didn't do anything, the idol was always in that stone, I just removed a few pieces of stone to let that idol of Krishna be visible to the world,

Same way are we, like stone, we all have a beautiful hidden idol within, just that it is covered with pieces of stones, stones of ego, and never-ending desires of one more,

And beauty is we are our sculptor, just require to work a little extra on self and that beautiful idol will be naturally visible to the world, by removing the stones of ego, greed, and never-ending desires,

think, what are you sculpting

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