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Unwire and detox your mind?

Breathe, relax and feel yourself, now read

From the prehistoric human to the gradual evolution of humans, we came across a long way, from being animal to the most intelligent being on this earth as per our perception,

Life in 1800, 1900, or 2000 witnessed a major transformation in terms of simplicity and complexity, happiness to chaos and wilderness to being wild again,

With the advent of technology the world changed at must faster pace than we can ever imagine, everything changed around us, our life journey, its purpose, our walks and talks, relations and emotions, everything witnessed changes,

Where we are heading too, being connected to technology 24/7, we cannot see technology with humans rather saying a human cannot see themselves without technology,

To induce sleep we require apps or gadgets, to find peace we have to connect with apps and gadgets, to find answer to life we have to reply on apps and gadgets, aren't you enough for all this

We are in a technological world where we are no more the world but wiring around us is,

We were on the web from the day the world wide web started, unknowingly or knowingly we traveled through the web, thinking this web is for our support and ease of life, we traveled to distance and deeper with each step, as we travel deep, we were erasing the path of return because we never had the plan to revert back or go back, we just flowed in awe and wonder,

With high-speed internet to augmented realities where human world and thoughts through mind will be the world of illusion, where we will be connected to more virtual and created realities, in turn, help us to never realize what is really real,

Maybe in the future, our memories might be stored in the virtual world ours or our brain functionality is taken care of by outer resources, being wired (invisible wires)

What will be lost is being human with humanity and being more humane, what will be lost is our human emotions like love, kindness, compassion, empathy, and care,

The most precious and prized asset will be human with real emotions, being more humane, we might be teaching our generations to arrive, what is love, what is compassion, what is care or what is empathy,

Technology is good as it helps us to live better and be healthy, increasing our life span to 500 years in coming years, securing our brain, and changing the body to let us live for years, intacting our life journey,

We have started to question the creation of existence in the race to become God of our own world, we are planning to stay on the moon or Mars or other planets but cant take care of the planet we stay,

That's the beauty of humans, we are more concerned about others rather than nurturing our own to create a better world around us,

How to unwire from the wires, is the real question, how to be connected with our real self,

Can we visit a place where we have a world with no wires, no technology or in another way round, can we really stay for seven days without technology, the answer is big NO,

Its like we want peace of mind but to have peace of mind I need my phones and gadgets,

It is very important to detox and unwires yourself from the web of wires around you, the more you are connected more you are transforming into non-human sans humanity and humane,

There are many ways to unwire yourself and still be human, irrespective of what technology or world you are in,

As we march ahead in the world of augmented realities we need to keep our being human abilities with us and pass them on to the generation to arrive,

Taking birth in those realities will be entirely different than you or I are now, think,

Unwire yourself, unwire your mind and feel at peace, peace from the frequencies of speed, to keep up with speed and fast-changing world,

Reach out or be reached, Spiritual Veda Welfare Foundation and the Vedic science are always working for humanity and being more human by facilitating peace of mind and creating smiles, connecting self with the Divine existence, everything is Divine existence,

Requires no exhaustive yoga, no long meditation courses or sessions, just simple you as human and the discovery of existence within you, share with us at

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