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Simple and easy tips to create happiness and peace

We all have been struggling to find peace of mind and happiness, as soon as the day starts we are in middle of chaos and till day end, we are unable to figure out, what we did whole day,

Easy and small changes in our daily routines can manifest life journey for permanent peace of mind and happiness, drops of rain makes ocean, ocean is not created overnight,

We do not know how to change or what to change in our daily routine, here is what SV is sharing for you for peace of mind,

sync of mind, body and soul
Peace of mind leads to eternal calmness


  • Try to wake up early, and say good morning universe, hope everyone is well out there,

  • Change your alarm from beep beep or tring tring to something pleasant and smooth,

  • Avoid phone atleast half an hour or one hour after waking up,

  • Thank the universe for waking you up,

  • Sit with yourself for few minutes, morning hours have the best energy to sync our mind, body and soul,

  • Go infront of the mirror and say to you are beautiful and you believe in yourself,

  • Think of one thing you are grateful of today wake up,

  • Try to do regular exercise or meditation or yoga every morning, good hormones flow more in morning time,

  • Speak to plants or pets if you own,

  • Never skip breakfast, it is a process to start the body and metabolism for healthy mind,

  • Choose a good or relaxing music as you move in your morning, music acts as healer,

  • Create your priority list before you rush on to your emails or daily calls,

  • As you step out of house or for day events, breathe full inhaling and exhaling, try to be you and not a mask, embark

  • Smile more and be kind

A beautiful morning sun. sync
Feel the light and embrace

At night or evening:

  • Complete your call and emails before one hour to bed, make a plan ahead for the next day,

  • Make this a routine so everyone is accustomed to your schedule,

  • Turn of your phone or atleast internet, nothing will change in a night,

  • Read something positive or meditative for self,

  • Write down or think about things which happened good with you in a day,

  • Be grateful for them and thank the universe, smile more

  • Set an intention for the next day wakeup or rising,

  • Goto infront of the mirror and say to self, you did a good work today, keep it up, I love you,

  • Goto bed and do relaxing body scan meditation by releasing your body and mind, letting go of any chaos,

  • Chant or take your God name for few minutes,

  • Sleep in pitch dark, light around could disturb your sleep, good night universe, sleep well everyone

Sleep like a baby, relaxed and stress free

You cannot change the world but you can definitely cast the stone and create ripples, no act of kindness for self go waste, be kind to self and realize the beauty of creation in the form of you, you are beautiful, precious and unique for self and loved ones around you,

Life is easy, let us not make it complicated...feel free to write me at for any assistance, life is all about sharing, caring and loving, stay blessed.

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