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Time is a healer, is it

We all have must heard the quote "time is a healer" is it really the time acting as healer, no, it is not time who is a healer, rather our acceptance of facts and truth which in return make time as healer, sooner we realize and accept truth less the time is to heal, and it goes for everything, be it material world or immaterial world, acceptance,

You are healer of self and acceptance
Time is a healer, is it

Buddha accepted the truth of existence and the day he accepted it, he transited from Siddhartha to Buddha, till then he was traveling in time ,

It need not to be compulsory for everyone to understand our guidance, just enjoy the beauty of soul he or she is, we are not here to teach or guide anyone, just share love, as per God timing everyone has their own awakening, Siddhartha didn’t become Buddha overnight, it was a long journey of knowing, understand and realizing,

hold each other and create smiles
love is the healer

Let us share our purpose, acceptance or no acceptance is not our judgement,

Stay blessed

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