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Three Laughs and Foolishness - Devadoota

Ok, so my friend Vikrant (will share about him later, who he is), he is basically question bank and from time to time keep on asking his queries to me, so other day when we were having coffee in evening, he smiles at me, I knew he is upto something and soon a question is on the way, I smiled at him too, and the moment arrived, he asked Veda Shri, don't you think in this mortal world God is doing justice to all, somewhere there is pain and somewhere there is joy, I smiled and said "let me empty the cup of coffee then will share", I could see his eyes in wait, and as soon as I finished my coffee, he smiled, and I know why,

Coffee and nature

I said ok, my dear friend Vikrant it is never about justice or non-justice, it is all about love and care at first hand and second is your parents able to justify a tight slap to you when you do something wrong, they do to help you sometime when you are not ready to understand so that slap is not a slap but to awaken you from your stubborn thought process, taking ahead my friend, Vikrant said, Veda Shri, my parents passed away long long back, I knew what he was upto, so I just smiled and said we will discuss about it sometime else,

Coming back to your question Vikrant, I can recall a small story which I would love to share with you, the story is of a Devadoot (angel of God) who was sent to earth to bring back the soul of a woman who died, so when Devadoot arrived at woman house he was in confusion and in concern, the reason was that woman had three small girl child, who was crying like anything, one was near her body, the other one was crying loud and third one slept after crying and being tired of crying, her body was there alone, her husband passed away long back and there was none in her family to help her, what will happen to the three kids who are left behind?

The storm of thoughts made him go back to Devalok (Heaven), empty handed, and said to Chitragupta (the one who keeps account of all soul), sorry I was unable to bring her soul, we all here can never realize what her state of living was, she had three kids, very small and all were crying, I was unable to bring her soul seeing all this, and my heart didn't allowed, cant it be possible that we pick her soul after sometime and let the girls grow to a certain age, so they can take care of self,

Chitragupta said, you are again in your smart mode and thought process, trying to be smarter then HIM, the one who who created life and death, you have broken the code, now be ready for sentence, and your sentence as penance is, you have to goto earth and until you have laughed thrice realizing your foolishness and ignorance, you are not returning in Doota or angel form,

Vikrant said, Veda Shri, wasn't the Devadoota right in his thinking, a little time to that lady would had been helpful, I smiled and said, my friend, lets see what happened ahead, and Vikrant sat with inquisitiveness

Vikrant asked, Veda Shri, why was he asked to laugh at his mistakes, I said, ego laughs on others mistake and same ego breaks to pieces if one laugh on own mistakes,

But Devadoota was in his ego and he didnt realized and said ok I am ready to take the punishment and he never realized why and how would be have opportunity to laugh on himself, he is Devadoota or angel from God,

Sp he was sent to earth, and on the same time a cobbler was on his way to market to buy warm cloth and blanket for his kids as winter was arriving, he saw a naked man lying on floor and shivering with cold, this naked man was none other but Devadoota (angel from God) , the cobbler felt pity for him, he instead of buying clothes for his kids, purchased clothes for this man, seeing this man state, no shelter, food and water to drink, cobbler asked him to accompany his home, but warned, my wife will be furious because the money which I had to buy clothes and blanket for kids I used it to buy your clothes, so do not get perturbed and worried if she shouts on you and on me,

Vikrant said, Veda Shri, how kind was the cobbler was, and I smiled, said yes my dear friend, kindness is beyond place or time and living things, as as predicted, wife was mad with anger and shouted on both of them

You know my dear friend Vikrant, Devadoota (angel from God) laughed for the first time, cobbler asked, why are you laughing, Devadoota said, when I have laughed three times then I will share why,

Vikrant said, Veda Shri, but please tell me why Devadoota laughed, I cant wait till the end of the story, I said, Ok, Vikrant, you know why he laughed, because he realized that cobbler nor his wife knew that they have bought Devadoota (angel of God) to their house, which will bring lot of happiness and prosperity in the house, Vikrant whole idea of his laugh was, ability of human to see far or farsightedness or looking beyond, cobbler and his wife are so engrossed in their immediate loss and problems, that they cant see anything beyond clothes and blanket, they have given shelter to an angel of God and that too without any efforts but merely by act of kindness, unconditional, so Devadoota laughed on his foolishness, that cobbler wife cannot imagine what is happening now, its not her mistake, we are defined so,

Time passed and being an angel from God, he learnt all the art of making shoes fast, and shoes made by him made the cobbler immensely rich and famous, his fame reached to every corner that none can make shoes like him and money was showered like rains, his family became happier and richer,

Vikrant laughed this time, said Veda Shri, how ironical, the loss converted into gains, we human, he smiled, I said yes Vikrant, we human are simple yet most complicated existence, we make most simple act most complicated and most complicated most simple, that's our beauty,

Vikrant said, Veda Shri, this is getting interesting, what happened, I said, let me light the evening lamp and then we continue, he waited patiently for my return, as I completed my meditation, I know my friend is waiting,

So I continued, one day kings-man visited the cobbler and gave him the leather, sharing, this is the finest leather and precious too, make beautiful shoes and not the slippers, and there should not be a mistake of any sort else king will be angry

The cobbler gave instruction to Devadoota, make shoes only and no slippers, make sure there is no mistake and also there is no extra leather so sue the given quantity, no mistakes else we all land up in prison, ok

But somehow Devadoota (angel of God) made slippers, seeing the slippers cobbler got furious and picked up wooden stick to kill the Devadoota, saying, inspite of me repeating over and again, you fool, you made the slippers, now we all will be hanged, because you made slippers and not the shoes,

Devadoota laughed out loud this time, same time a person came running to his house and said, dont make shoes but make slippers, I came running all the way to share this, please do not make shoes, because king has passed away and died, (in some parts of the world, earlier there was a ritual where dead body was taken in slippers to the cremation ground)

Vikrant was again confused as why Devadoota laughed, he said Veda Shri, now why did he laughed, I suppose this is his second time, I said yes, he laughed second time, he laughed because he realized his mistake, future is unknown, no one knows the future except the UNKNOWN, and we based on our past experiences and events decided our future, King was alive, he required shoes, now he is dead, they need slippers, that's how life is, anticipating future on the basis of past and not on present, learning is important, but making past as a source of life is utter foolishness, each second is in flux, its not repeated, so how can we say what next, our beauty is we either live in past or in future but never try to build the present,

So cobbler fell down on the feet of Devadoota and asked sorry for his anger and rage, Devadoota said, no problem sir, I am myself is bearing my punishment and repentance but he laughed second time and when cobbler asked why, he said let me laugh three times then I will share,

He thought to himself about the reason of laugh, we do not know about future, but we make expectations, desires, ambitions, wishes or aspirations, name can be any but core is same, and they all are futile because we never know what next, today or tomorrow, we keep on asking for more, which will never be lessen because something else is being ready to happen to change, without asking us our entire destiny or life is traveling at its own speed, and we in between keep on shouting, making chaos and creating ruckus for our life and albeit for others, whether it is shoes or slippers,

Devadoota realized that those three girls for whom he was getting worried and stressed, he never knew whats in future for them, his worry was futile and unnecessary,

Veda Shri, how true, we have developed a habit of worrying, if not worrying we figure out ways to worry, pondering, I said, true my friend, we are born crying and leave making other people cry,

And Vikrant the third incident, one day all three girl came, young and beautiful, getting married, and they have ordered shoes, they came with a rich old lady, Devadoot realized who the three girl are, the one who was crying near the dead body of their mother, and due to them he was sentenced and spending his time as human,

He asked, who is this old lady, the old lady replied, these girls are my neighbor daughters, their mother was very poor, didnt have any milk in her body and died during the feed, since I had no kids, and these girls were without anyone, I adopted them and nurtured them with love and care, if their mother was alive, it might be possible they would have lived their entire life in poverty with no food and nurturing, due to her death, they are now in most comfortable life, with education, cloth and shelter, and married to royal family,

The Devadoot laughed third time and called cobbler, shared, these were the three reasons why he laughed and it was my mistake, we can only see that much what our eyes can see, and what we cannot see is much beyond and deep, whatever we can see, we cannot anticipate what is about to arrive and what will happen, and I laughed on my foolishness three times, now my sentence is over and I will leave for my world,

So my friend Devadoot left, if we stop bringing ourselves in between then we will definitely find a way from the ways, and wont be required to worry about numerous paths, whatever He is doing, and whatever He has done, say thanks, whether we feel good or bad, whether people say good or bad, whether you see luck or unluck, whether you like or not, we neeed not to worry, just need to understand, that it is now what matters, because now is future as I write this, I am creating past and future both, so rather being in labyrinth of thoughts, because we cannot understand the quantum and magnitude of what can happen and what cannot, just enjoy your life, be you and be kind, that's all matter,

We all are Devadoota, arrive naked, then receive clothes, food and shelter, we have already chosen our struggle, happiness, sorrow, life before we arrived here, now we are spending time here waiting to realize our mistakes and laugh at them, correct them and cure through them by creating smiles until then we will wait and keep on traveling for right incident to occur for laugh and awakening,

Vikrant said Veda Shri, you have yet again triggered my source of knowledge, and gave food to ponder, basically our ego doesn't let us see and we simply think we know all,

Well it was late and forest had its own symphony, time for me to step down from the day and rest, Vikrant said good bye and I smiled at him, ready for another question and another answer....

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