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The best place to cultivate anything in the world

Yes, this is true, do you know what is the most fertile and best place to cultivate anything in the world, No,

Yes, there exists a place in this universe where whatever you want to cultivate will be cultivated and also grow substantially,

Which is that place in the universe, Your Mind, yes, your mind is the most cultivating place in the entire universe, you can cultivate anything in that space instantly,

Whatever you cultivate in that space, be it thought, be it ego, be it jealousy, or be it, eternal love, will grow instantly, no other place can be cultivated like the mind we are gifted with,

Yet, what we are cultivating, a crop which can be used only by us, like a coconut tree, which neither gives shade nor the fruits are approachable for the required one,

A thought of love, anger, kindness, ego, envy can be cultivated in a fraction of a second, the more we water it with our energies more they will grow but beauty is, they will grow definitely,

How you will use this most fertile land is your onus, whether to cultivate trees which give shade and fruits to passerby or to use the crop just for self,

If a passerby is being blessed by the fruits of your thoughts, they will carry them to a distance, like bees or butterflies, and unknowingly sow the seeds of your thoughts at their place,

Thus, multiplying your existence without your knowledge, on the other hand, if the thoughts tree is just for self, it will after few crops die and will have no existence,

Think, what you want to cultivate, resonance or dissonance, mind your mind,

Stay blessed

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