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Suffering from Sleep, a natural meditation

Everyone sleeps, it is a natural gift we have been blessed with to recharge our mind and body, sleep is beautiful,

As time travelled and advancement happening in our life, most of us are suffering from lack of right sleep or sleep of relaxation, in race to reach or earn more and have so called settled life, we keep running in endless race, sacrificing our sleep and health,

We nowadays think, we can sleep later once we are well-settled and have lot of money or materialistic pleasures, but truth is, once we reach there, we have already lost our precious sleep and health, investing sleep in our never ending desires is in later stage investing those desires in our sleep,


We start taking prescriptions for sleep from doctors and go on to induce artificial sleep, there is no common thumb rule that billionaire will sleep peacefully and daily wage worker will not,

How we take our life is all that matter, where do we draw line on chase and earning, where do we stop ourselves in our desires (which keep falling one after the other),

We can continue on this article ahead but lets share how we can sleep happily, easy steps to have good night sleep are,

  • Never depend on any medication or alcohol for night sleep,

  • Learn to Be realistic in life, understand that desires are never ending and someone out there might be better then us, but we cannot be them, you are you,

  • Exercise or workout atleast 3-4 times a week, it releases happy hormones and elevate our body cells,

  • Do not drink coffee or tea before sleeping time,

  • Bedroom should be bedroom, no tv, a conducive environment,

  • Don't overeat before 2-3 hrs to bed

  • Listen to some soft music if you wish too or any chant or mantra, before bed,

  • When on bed, forgive self and think how beautiful you are as creation,

  • Understand that everything is temporary, even your problems, this too shall pass, have faith,

  • Realize that tomorrow is new morning, new day and new sun in your life, all will be good,

  • Chant a mantra or take God name of your comfort while on bed

  • Happy sleeping

Life is easy to walk, its just that we make it very complicated, no doubt, we can let go extra baggage but we have to decide which one are extra baggage,

Sleep like a baby, care free

Taking stress wont change anything, only help you losing your peace, feel free to write us on life is all about sharing, caring and loving,

Stay blessed

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