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Shri Rama and Shri Krishna are the same

Maryada (sanctity and dignity of existence) Purshottam Rama, who in His entire life kept Maryada (dignity and respect without ego), be it as a son, brother, husband, or king,

He never crossed His Maryada and maintained all the respect, care, and love,

Shri Krishna on the other hand was all about dharma and adharma or right and wrong,

Shri Rama was in Treta-yuga while Shri Krishna was in Dwapar Yuga, I will not travel deep in yuga and their life but returning to Shri Rama and Shri Krishna,

Why both are same, we might give numerous reasons or excuses that rules of game changes with era or yuga but eternal truth is, nothing change, the rules of existence remains the same ever and ever,

Shri Rama was all about Maryada, truth, dignity, and respect, in his entire life portrayed as the human who always respects the boundaries of humanity and kindness,

He worked with every form and with sync like Vanars (monkeys), Jamavanta (bear), Garun (eagle) Jatayu, and so on, why, because He respected the divine existence and realized that every form is a beautiful existence of Divine,

Coming back to Shri Krishna, He was all about Dharma and Adharma, right or wrong, what is Dharma, in most simple words it is the righteousness of your thoughts and actions which do not hurt anyone is Dharma,

Shri Krishna shared that the one who does not follow the Maryada or dharma will always land up in wrong waters or adharma,

Whenever we cross the line, we are walking on the path of Adharma,

Rama always maintained Maryada and Shri Krishna always maintained Dharma, both are the same, whenever we cross our boundaries of Divine existence, we will embark on the journey of chaos,

Nothing changes, even if Yuga or Era changes, the realization of existence and purpose remains the same even after millions of years,


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