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Search for life not for...

When we are sick or suffering or being depressed, we keep having recurring thoughts about death. These are unnecessary and unfounded thoughts that smack of weakness that doesn't exist and lack of trust in the Almighty.

Almighty has given humankind life to put to productive use and make it worthwhile and cherishable. Drifting your thoughts towards death is liking letting the Almighty down.

Breathe, feel the life with each inhale and exhale

Death doesn't come asked and it has seldom asked someone to think about it before it comes. It will come when it had to, and not when you think of it. And when it does you hardly know it came. It is exactly the same way as your birth. Do you remember how you were born. Think life. Realize, If so many people are getting sick, millions are getting better too. Those in hospitals returning home, and those in quarantined at home joining rest of the family.

Why sickness or ailments or depression is scaring you more is because you are keeping count of the death, not of life.

Search life, and you will find it even on a leaf fluttering on a lonely tree.

See outside you, life is so beautiful, with plants, trees, nature, humanity, all is so beautifully designed by God, if you are in pain, connect your pain to greater purpose outside you, and you will realize your pain is nothing infront of the beauty created by God

Enjoy life without any regrets or complaints

Remember, you are beautiful and also you are not are blessed

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