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Recover fast from post COVID effects

Post COVID recovery for many is difficult as they suffer from after effects of COVID and medicine used to treat their COVID,

The easy steps which can help you to recover fast are:

  • All over the media we witness negative news about COVID and the deaths caused by it, they get registered in our subconscious mind, remove those thoughts, and realize that if you are alive after COVID, you are blessed and you are not going to die, it is just a thought,

  • Eat healthy,

  • Have positive thoughts,

  • Listen to positive and good music, news, audio or video,

  • Chant some mantra (if you want to know, please write to me) mantras create positive energy within and outsider you, this really helps,

  • Enjoy the new beginning you have been blessed after COVID, share your love more rather investing in accumulation,

  • Your life is not just your life, but of many who are around you,

  • Communicate, don't wait, just pick phone, call your family and friends and know their well-being,

  • Connect with nature, walk bare foot on grass or hug trees or talk to the plants, (must)

Recovery is all in mind, remember, when we believe in self and the God, we release happy and good hormones within, which increases our recovery at much faster rate, so have faith, you are beautiful and blessed with food, shelter and clothing, which millions might not have,

Share your love and blessings, it makes you recover even faster then you could think...

Stay blessed

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