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Praying and creating an atmosphere of spirituality by Soni Shukla

I know Covid has destroyed many lives and people are sad all around the world, you thought of helping them, I thank you for it🙏🏻 You are one of those souls who does things but will never say, “I m doin it because I m great!” I deeply appreciate you and thank god that u r in my life and my example to follow.

I am sharing my story here which is ongoing and what is my view on it. I have always believed positive energy can only help solve this problem we are in.

My 12 year old nephew returned from his bike ride and as usual sat in front of the TV. By dinner time he started feeling uneasy and next morning he could barely talk as his throat was swollen. The Dr. treated him for tonsils n put him on medication. The very next both my two brother’s wives started coughing with fever, then my elder brother n then his 21 year old son and now my younger brother. They all got infected with Covid-19.

Parents should be more considerate to their kids during COVID
Understand the stress of COVID kids undeergo

This situation is nothing less than a disaster, what can possibly be heart wrenching then to know your entire family is suffering. I am far from them n my only goal is to keep them in a positive frame of mind thru my words. I know nobody can change the situation rapidly but knowing that we are helpless is also an excellent opportunity to know that we have to give control to someone else. That is none other than “faith”, no matter how impractical and illogical it may sound but do we have other choice? Can anyone come to our rescue?

By praying and creating an atmosphere of spirituality in the house we will not only bless ourselves but we will show our kids what to do when everything falls apart. Ask yourself what you picture in your mind when your kids are grown up and in a difficult situation? Do you want them to stop eating, scroll mobile and TV endlessly or to just have faith and keep their mind calm?

Faith and prayers are the path to mental peace and only then we will be able to give more love affection to each other in critical situations like this.
Pray for everyone well-being
Prayers do miracles which sometime humans cant

I pray for the well being of all loved ones and I hope you will the power of faith and pass it on to others.

Soni Shukla

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