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Our Shadows decoded? why

Since the day we are born, we all witness our shadow and why shadow exist because light travel in a straight line and is blocked from opaque objects which reflects into our eyes and we see shadows,

That's a small scientific theory about shadows above, but on the spiritual plane, the shadow is your only friend which shares with you when you are in dark and when you are in the light,

Light and shadow

How intriguing,

When you are in light you will always witness your shadow no matter what place you are in, but your shadow will exist as far as you are in light and in a straight path (remember light travelling in a straight line),

As the sun (sun and moon are the only permanent witness of our existence during the day or night, think) changes its location, the shadow changes from small to tall and vice-versa, proving that with time change is inevitable and you cannot avoid change, but what you can avoid is how you react to that change, your shadow might change during 24 hrs but it is YOU who has to be stable and at peace within,

Only 24 hrs and changes happen each second, as per the light enter within you and resonate, this same light will keep you existing in the darkness of night,

Once you step into the darkness, the shadows disappear, the shadow is the first thing to leave you from you when you are in the dark,

Also the cosmic phenomenon that light travel in a straight line, when we leave a path of Dharma i.e straight line and deviate from your soul purpose, we land up in darkness,

In the darkness, leaving of shadow also signifies when we are dark, our all family and friends might leave as per our deeds,

You are the light

As soon as you let light enter you, the eternal friend of your start existing, the shadow, try to be in the light, let you and your friend exist because if you shadow exist you exist,

Shadow haunts (we all must have heard this phrase), why, because you have been too long in darkness and when the shadow is seen by you, it reminds you of your darkness and time spent there, the karma performed and lived,

I can recall a small story, in brief, I will share with you,

Once Shri Krishna was in the jungle with his brother and friend, all three decided to guard the hut while the other two slept, as Shri Krishna elder brother Balram guarded outside, later Balram came running inside and shared there is a huge demon outside and I am unable to conquer,

Hearing him, Shri Krishna said, "let me guard outside", whole night Shri Krishna guarded while Balram and friend slept peacefully,

Balram in the morning asked, didn't you witness the demon, Shri Krishna smiled and said," Dau (brother) that demon was nothing but our fears of darkness and fears of life, more we fuel these demons more it will grow and engulf us,

It is the light of Divine within and our immovable faith which helps us cruise any darkness and keep our shadow in control and friend,

When finally you merge into eternity, there exist no shadow of you, your shadow also leaves you for the eternal journey,

Imagine the beautiful creation and God gifted parameters of your existence, which easily signifies where you are in your journey and what exactly you are doing, we need no guru or teacher to guide us, just look within, we have all the answers within,

Next time when you see the shadow, think, it's your exact copy of light or darkness,

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