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Never ever lose hope by Gary Trautmann

Although I have not had COVID-19 which I am very thankful for it has touched me in so many ways. I am lucky enough to work at home and have done so for the past 6 years or more. As I have spent much of my time alone during the day, I speak to people all over the world many times per day related to my job or other interests at other times. As time has gone by I had to deal with questions as to how to keep my wife and daughter safe since, for part of the year, my daughter was part of a hybrid-class schedule for three hours per day and the students were separated 6 feet apart as required by the CDC. Next, I received notice from the school district that this distance would be cut to 4 feet. I became a bit nervous as to what I would do next. A virtual school board meeting was held where parents were given a chance to voice their opinions. As I have no problem expressing myself I did so quite strongly. I have a lot of faith in what is possible in life. About two days later I heard that there would be a distance learning program available for students of concerned parents. My prayers answered. Easy solution right? Not so easy in reality.

Online education, are we advancing

I asked myself, which is more detrimental my daughter having a risk of getting COVID-19 or dealing with her right and desire to socialize with her friends. I found a solution for this as well. After school I let my daughter play with her friends in a very safe online environment where she and her friends play together. This environment is called Roblox. I have to make the same decision about her 5th grade as well. I am not sure what I will do but I know that something will present itself to me.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, I went a long time without knowing anyone that contracted it. Then, all of a sudden, one friend after another said they had tested positive for COVID. So, it is for real and unfortunately, it does not look like it is going away anytime soon. I began to reconsider my position with all this horrible news coming left and right then the issues in the US Government did not help as well. So, what do I do next?

I began to look around me for what I was thankful for. Obviously, the first thing I was thankful for was the fact that neither my wife nor daughter have had COVID. However, my son-in-law who is on assignment in an African country contracted COVID-19. He went through a very rough time the "first time." Yes, he contracted COVID twice which blew my mind. Both times the family existed through our constant prayers and love that we sent him. He survived. So, what have I learned from COVID?

Covid screening test, life and journey

The most important thing is to never ever lose hope no matter what. It is that hope and faith that keep us strong and literally helps to bolster our body's defenses. Again, as I mentioned earlier, look around you, think about all that you have to be thankful for. Anything and everything qualify. What are you most thankful for? What would affect you the most? Whatever you do just don't give up all of this will pass somehow. I know it for sure. It will last way longer than what people realize but it will be defeated if we all hang on and do not GIVE UP!

That's it for now I hope you stay well and please remain healthy,

Gary Trautmann

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