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Mine, body and attainment

The world today is Myself, My family, my ego, my pride, my family, everyone is concerned with me, mine and I, whole life we are just within our my and I, and forget that there is world beyond our mine and I,

This body was not always the same. The body that is now beautiful and attractive will relax, shrink, and become unattractive after a while. Will eventually fall off. We must not forget this. This body is not me. Always remember that this is just the device I use. I need to know how to use my device carefully, how to keep it clean, how to repair it when it breaks, how to install new parts, as well as how to keep this body clean.

It should be used for truth-seeking, care, share and divine attainment, so constantly inquire as to why and how to use and achieve this body for as long as life lasts, it is just a clothing on the soul,

We should seek beyond Me, Mine and I, and use ourselves to share love and kindness, try it, you are unique and beautiful, believe in self and have faith,

Stay blessed with smiles,

Smile, its bliss

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