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Message from God

There was is a young man by name of john, John was in his 20's and enjoying life, once day God visited him and said, "Son, it is time for you to go", listening to the words of God, john started crying, and said "God I am so young and haven't seen life yet, no done anything in life, just started and you want me to leave the life",

God said, "Son, that is how it is, you had this much of life with you", John pleaded and cried to God" please God give me some time, at least let me do something for my parents and a few tasks for myself and world",

John further said"God, what if you give me messages or signs before taking me to eternity, as soon as I receive a message from you, I will be ready in time and go with you", God thought and said"Ok son, I will send you message before taking you along with me", God disappeared,

John thanked God and continued his life, had a good job, hot married, had kids, took care of his parents and everyone around, time traveled, he grew old, hairs became grey, teeth started to fell, the body started to get pains here and there, ailments, etc,

And one fine day, at a certain age, he was at death bed, not able to move, eat or speak, God arrived and said"Son, let's go, it's time",

John said"but God what about the messages you are supposed to give me", God smiled and said"Son, all these years I have been giving you messages like you getting old, hairs growing grey, teeth falling, ailments, etc, all these were signs and messages from Me only, but you were too busy in your world and trying to control your life, ignored all my messages"

This is how we live, we receive so many messages from God at every stage but we are so busy being God of our world that we rarely recognize and realize the existence,

And when the time arrives, we still have a few tasks pending, not willing to leave, thus resulting in extended pains and sorrows,

Why, why are we not realizing that life is to live and share, travel happily, whatever has been bestowed to us is beautiful gifts or present from God,

Why we keep running always, ignoring messages from Divine, the life is a gift, we arrived here naked, anything on nakedness is plus for us, HE carried you so far, He will carry ahead too, but what are we doing with those blessings,

Think...stay blessed

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