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Make a wish

The other day while traveling, we checked in a hotel in night, the journey was tiring and long one, so I and my follower friends slept early because next days was expected to be busy,

In the morning we were invited for the breakfast at hotel restaurant and have not eaten for a while, I was feeling hungry, so straight we all went to the restaurant and took our place, the serving was multi-cuisine and I was sitting on one side of the restaurant with my follower friends,

The breakfast was served to us and the one young guy who was serving me breakfast with love and devotion, he took good care of my breakfast, being hungry me, satiated my hunger and was soulfully happy and at bliss,

breakfast is must for the new day

I called the guy and asked his name, he shared his name, and out of blue from no where, I said to him, you have one wish to ask, ask anything in this world which you can imagine, maybe it was the voice of soul from within which let me ask the guy about wish, I asked him again, please say your wish and it will be granted, he was there standing motionless and mix baggage of feelings,

Make a wish

My follower friends and everyone around asked the guy, please say your wish, anything, it will be granted because guruji is very happy happy with your devotion, no answer from the friend,

I thanked everyone in hotel and return back to my room for meditation,

My follower friends asked the guy, why didn't you asked or say your wish, don't you have any wish or dream in life, he said," whole life I thought to ask God this and that, but when actually someone asked me to share my wish, I was in a state of thoughtlessness, stunned, motionless, didn't knew what to ask and what is that one most important thing for me in life which can be asked, I was blank, no idea"

This is how life is, do you know what you are seeking or searching for in this life, think...

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