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Magic of Shri Krishna life journey and you, a new perspective,

Sri Krishna was an Avatar of Shri Maha Vishnu, Shri Krishna was both, the human and divine aspects of existence.

He was an example of oneness, oneness to the Divine within, playing human form and also being awakened to the core i.e soul being one with Divine,

The life of Shri Krishna is the total management of personal, spiritual, and physical within or outside the self,

Hare Krishna Hare Rama, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

From the day He was born and until He merge back, the whole journey was beautiful management of life, a life which was lead by inner peace and symphony of love, dharma, and karma,

His birth took place in prison amidst the fear of life and survival on existence, which proves that no matter where you took birth, your will to survive and move ahead in the journey of life,

It is all in mind how we cope up with situations and circumstances, either we get played by our circumstances or we are calm and control what we undergo,

During his childhood, He enjoyed nature, the cows, river, trees, and friends like a common kid, showing the world, wherever you learn to enjoy rather than complain about everything you don't have or have,

He lifted Govardhan Parvat or mountain on his small finger for seven days and the entire village was underneath, showing the faith in him not as God but over a period of the help and good karma he did to help others, an example that always has faith within and keeps sharing goodness and kindness,

Your karma is faith of others in you

Once He left Vrindavan, He never looked back because the past is past, you cannot carry past whole life and be stuck there, He had all the memories whether love, family or friends but He never let those memories disturb the peace of His present,

At Mathura, His maternal uncle Kansa never wanted Him to be alive since birth because his uncle knew Shri Krishna will be the reason for his death, Shri Krishna went to meet His uncle, knowing all facts and dangers to life, proving that we should have sufficient knowledge before starting any journey else it can be harmful to us,

The demons which Shri Krishna fought and defeated, was an example of our demons which we keep nurturing and witnessing within, within the time they become so large, that they engulf our peace and tranquillity, so it is always better to kill them then and there, as and when the thought arises

kansa is nothing but our fears to ace

He killed His uncle, whereby He also build Dwarka, becoming Dwarkadheesh, He always respected true friendship and example was when Sudama arrived at His palace to meet Him, He ran to the front gate to greet Sudama, proving that wealth is no parameter to true friends who stood by you in the thick and thin, ego of wealth should never be there in our mind else we will be moreover lonely and keep seeking relations after relations,

Shri Krishna also befriended Arjuna the Pandava prince, later Shri Krishna become the guide, guru, and friend of Arjuna,

In one of the events, Shri Krishna saved Draupadi from disrobing by Kauravas in a court, thus guiding everyone that respect of women or Shakti is must, any nation or home who disrespect women will never be at content and happy in any sense,

Respect of women is caring of Mother Earth

A guru enlightens the soul to righteousness and Arjuna had all the faith in Shri Krishna, following Shri Krishna words and saying, without doubt, showing that if you are surrendering to Divine, then surrender with mind, body, and soul, not just temporarily but throughout the existence,

Whatever you sermon or teach, first incarnate within and practice, then share outside, if you have not incarnated within how can you be a guide, guru, or human,

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Mrityumokshaye

The Mahabharata, was a battle of Dharma and Adharma, it was not about good or bad, God or evil, but it was a battle of within,

There is DharmaShetra and Kurupshetra within us, which field you want to plough is on us, the ploughing we do, and the seed we sow will bear the fruits as per our Karma of Dharma or Adharma,

The Kauravas were our thoughts of ego, pride, rage, anger, or jealousy while Pandavas are our thoughts of righteousness, kindness, spirituality, and goodness, what we chose, is our epic battle of life known as Mahabharata, which decides our peace of mind, body, and soul.

Control of five senses is a must because these senses lie the true bliss else we will always be in the labyrinth of

eternal illusion that "yes, I am doing all"
Chariot is your body, Charioteer is you, horses are five senses and Shri Krishna is your soull

During Mahabharata, Shri Krishna sermon Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to Arjuna and answered all his queries of Moksha, self and Divine, Dharma and Adharma, good or bad, life and death, attachment and non-attachment, existence and beyond existence, knowledge and ignorance, body and soul, if we are sync with Divine energy, we will find all answers and lead a life which will be peaceful not only for us but for the world too,

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita is not just a sacred text but it is an eternal text of knowledge, a time travel too,

Once we surrender to Divine or Higher energy, we find the right path to travel and being one with God, but understanding of that knowledge is a must,

The song of God or Maha Vishnu Ka Geet

Finally, Shri Krishna killed His sons, adharma in any form should be not followed and destroyed before it resonates and create ripples, showcasing that non-attachment to the existence is a must, more we are attached more it will be difficult for us to merge and till last breath, we will be entangled in our never-ending desires and five senses

There are many beautiful events in Shri Krishna life, I can write long text on Shri Krishna life journey and it will be never-ending because His journey is beyond words yet proving if we are one with Divine energies we can discover the eternal peace in any land whether within our outside,

There can be many perceptions of Shri Krishna life journey, Mahabharata and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, as per each knowledge and Gyana,

The conclusion is Shri Krishna was a complete human even being Avatar and God Himself, He performed all the aspects of life, be it Karma (family and society), Dharma, or Spiritual, proving that life is to be lived in present and loved,

Symphony of life is when we learn to play the flute inspite of the holes it holds, keep the Leela of Raas throughout the journey, symphony of oneness, of being one, realizing who and why you are,

Love is eternal and beautiful, beyond

Let there be eternal love through you and create smiles, be the symphony, stay blessed

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Nice post...The way you have explain is extremely good. 🙏🙏

Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Nov 10, 2021
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Thank you @anuvamisra stay blessed

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