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Love is Mukti or Moksha?

Now this is interesting, I and Devadoota while walking in the hilly areas, discussing about world and its existence, Devadoota asked me Veda Shri, tell me, how can we achieve mukti or moksha, I smiled and said, do I need to share you, you are Devadoota, I need to be learning from you and not me to you, he insisted,

Love in its most simplest form is moksha or mukti.
Moksha is all about love

I said, Devadoota, although I am none infront of you but if you still insist I will share, for me, mukti is nothing but sharing love and being more human with humanity, not hurting anyone intentionally is the biggest prayer anyone can do,

Devadoota smiled and said so you means Veda Shri, all the religious rituals and prayers or puja is of no use for Mukti,

The simple for of Bhakti is to surrender your mind to the divine within, and realize the existence of divine within, prayer are never about grandeur or how much money I donated in this world or in temples or mosque or church,

Bhakti or devotion is the base of mukti, mukti is only possible through surrender, you only need to surrender your mind to the divine existence and realize, Bhakti or devotion to Divine within never ask you to bestow materialistic things,

Bhakti only need your devotion, kindness, tapa or penance, forgiveness, meditation and truth, simpleton is core, for any bhakt or devotee it is difficult to understand when his bhakti is changed in to attachment and when attachment arrive, it is easy to be disillusioned from the path,

I came for the sake of love-devotion; seeing the world, I wept.” ― Mīrābāī
Don't forget love

Keep it simple, God never asked for anything, He just need your love and devotion, He never said to fear from Him but always love Him,

We nowadays have started fearing from God, but is there any need to fear, think...

All the mukti or moksha is here only, through our present deeds and understanding the consequences of our thoughts and actions,

My friend Devadoota smiled at me and said Veda Shri, your kind words only resonate love, and love is core to any prayer or moksha or mukti, love is the right Bhakti to connect with Divine within and outside.

Time arrived for me to meditate, and with me Devadoota also accompanied to meditation, as we close our eyes and disappeared,

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