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Love is a vast, not just self

You are a beautiful soul, but being in worldly we knowingly or unknowingly react to the situation, and that’s perfectly fine, you need not to feel sorry for the behavior because you if speak from soul will always be right, the more we love someone more pain will be there because we incarnate the fear of losing and when fear of losing arrives we tend to be unknowingly over-protective and fear for our words or actions,

Start understanding that love is a vast thing if you can spread to the universe and not just confined to self, me or mine, everyone around you is attached to you in this birth before this or after this none will be existing, realize this eternal truth,

In our journey called life, God will always bless us with problems as lessons, the sharing of the blessings is to make us learn and if we do not learn, it will again be given to us until we learn from similar situations, once learn the certain problem will not be repeated in our life,

We should always check ourselves first, there is nothing outside, all answers are within, outside reaction from others is impermanence, more you invest your energy outside world more you will be lost within,

Spread and extend your love to universe then you will realize the situation you are going in is very miniscule and negligible,

Stay blessed and keep smiling

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