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Learning is 2020, 2021 let’s create smiles

When you pace through life, you miss most of it. Until something comes in between and hands over a break to you. COVID was one such thing, and it was beyond your control. Things that we assume are in our control are actually not. It is not only our ignorance but also our arrogance to think so.

Much of life that unfolds before us is destiny ordained and we think we drive it. We only satiate our hunger to look for a world beyond us, and beyond our control. We normally look outward for everything, but we seldom look for inward for anything. It is an irony that throughout life we look for peace, mostly through materialistic pursuits, that eludes us the more we look for it, traveling thousands of mental miles, but do not ever, through an effortless journey that is only dermal deep, and needs no travel, no rat race, no rush, no greed, no great effort.

Travel inward, that's where peace exist

While many of us would argue that 2020 was a very bad year, there would still be some of us who would say, it had come to teach us a lesson. Have we learnt any is what we have to ask ourselves. And for that we have to again look inward than outward. In 2020 Mother Nature has been at work, pleading with us to contain ourselves in our greed, in our race, in our behavior, in our utilization of her resources.

Such a beautiful planet that destiny has allowed us to inhabit, along with trillions of other species, which we had forgotten to coexist with. The months of lockdown taught some of us to do that.

Enjoy the moments of life

We cannot and we must not ignore what 2020 had come to teach us. While doing so, it has also taken a huge sacrifice from us – 1.55 million of our own from 7. 8 billon strong family. Let’s look ahead and make sure such a huge sacrifice does not go in vain. The world today needs peace, it needs smiles, it needs giving than only taking.

Let’s get into the act – Together!

A very Happy New year to each beautiful soul who is reading or not reading this, create smiles, share love and remember each one of you is beautiful.

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