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Know the secret, time to update your energy shield

Why is that some human are never effected by corona or any major infectious diseases except the few common ones, question to ponder, the answer lies in the life journey itself,

Since everything is a form of energy and that form of energy has atom, neutron and proton, which vibrate at certain frequency and if we somehow make our energy level vibration above those frequencies, we will never be effected by these ailments (in comparison to the ones on lower frequency),

When we are tired or stressed out or tensed over a period of time, we immediately catch flu or cold, because we lower our mind and body vibrations and it make the infections easy to break our protective shield,

Realize, nothing is permanent

I will not go in details on frequencies or vibrations, in general the factors which lower our immune shield are:

  • Fear and Anxiety,

  • Suspicion or worrying,

  • Stress and Tension.

  • Jealousy and Anger,

  • Rage and Hate,

  • Greed and endless attachment,

  • Remaining in past or future,

  • Complaints, regrets and guilt

  • Mental blocks (I cannot do it)

  • Worrying to much about world, what world will say

Why, because we keep on investing our energies in the above names, and do not receive anything in return, with period of time we tend to lower our vibration frequency by continuously working on above terms sometime knowingly and sometime unknowingly, we just invest and invest our vital vibrational energy,

So how can you raise your vibration to a frequency where your shield is always up and protecting, the answer lies within you only, you just have to realize the existence within,

You have whole universe inside, and like outside universe, which are connected to each other through some energy, gravitational pulls and inter-forces, same way our body cells are in this space connected with each other and vibrating,

Activates which can raise and activates your vibration are:

  • Pray daily, chant mantras or as per your religion

  • Be connected to Divinity,

  • Do good deeds and share unconditional love (MUST)

  • Sometime in the sunlight,

  • Not stagnant for long hours,

  • Meditation,

  • Breathing exercises,

  • Be in the moment rather being in past or future,

  • Enjoy your moment, be happy, laugh, smile,

  • Eat healthy and raw food,

  • Spend time with nature, hug trees,

  • Walk bare foot on grass,

  • Keep body hydrated,

Once you start to practice the to do list (not overnight, as it will take time to make them your daily routine) you will witness a gradual change in your vibrational energy and the healthy and fit lifestyle will be your life journey,

The above are already practiced by me and many of our friends, so it is nothing as not tried or tested,

Always remember, you hold the key,

Stay blessed and feel free to write me at for any support, let us heal each other,

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