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Importance of Shravan Maas and what it signifies

What is Shravan Mass-the Shravan Nakshatra is considered to govern the sky on Purnima or full-moon day; therefore, its name is derived from the Nakshatra starts every year between July to August

The month of Shravan is considered to be the month of Mahadeva or Shiva when Mata Sati sacrificed her body with yoga power in the house of her father Daksha during a Yagnyam before that Mata Sati vowed to have Mahadev as her husband in every birth.

In her second birth, Mata Sati was born as a daughter by the name of Parvati or Shailaputri in Himachal (Himavat) and his ardhangani (wife) Devi Maina's house. Parvati fasted at her young age by not taking any food (Nirahara) during the Shravan month, so Mahadeva can be her husband as per her vow in last birth and Mahadeva married her, after which this month became special for Mahadev.

The purpose to share this Puranic story is, that you have to be bhakta or devotee through mind, body, and soul, and once that devotion and surrender is there in you for your purpose, you will always find your journey in sync with God's wish, no matter which birth you are in,

The devotee should be directly related to the Divine, as soon as one becomes a devotee of the Divine, he has a direct relationship with God.

Of course, everyone has a direct relationship with the Supreme Personality and this relationship is awakened only by the perfection of devotion. But in the present state of life, we ​​have not only forgotten the divinity within us, but we have also forgotten our eternal relationship with God, under are never-ending materialistic desires,

Ikkcha or desire (इक्छा अर्थात एक अच्छा ), whole life we are waiting for that one good to happen with us, and never realize that good has already happened so many times, but still we keep running and chasing for the one good (इक्छा अर्थात एक अच्छा )

We have forgotten that God doesn't watch us from above, but He is watching us from inside, if we are to take Sankalpa or vow, then make sure we do it at any cost, else do not take any resolution or Sankalpa,

Once we are devoted through our mind, body, and soul, we will be blessed by Mahadeva, like Mata Sati was, but devotion and dedication to our purpose are a must, feel it....

Om Namha Shivaya

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