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Importance of exercise in recovery from COVID by Laila Khan

Indeed, it is important to share our experiences of this little known virus that has played such havoc in the lives of human beings across the globe. If in anyway it is of a little help to those who are coping with this illness, that for me would mean much.

Last year, at a particularly low period in my life, in March, I came down with COVID19. I think I caught it at a hotel in Dubai where I was holidaying with family. The place busy with tourists from all parts of the world, during our last days there, became as a ghost town. Not one person on its beaches, or canal boats, its restaurants, spas etc shut down...

After the raging fevers and terrible exhaustion that kept me in bed for a fortnight, too weak for anything at all, walking was such an effort, pains in the joints, loss of sense of smell, tea and other foods tasted different and awful, throat aches, and worse, I finally thought I had recovered. Well, it was not to be. Even though no longer positive, the symptoms remained, especially the extreme exhaustion, blurred vision, general weakness. It actually carried on for months. Those around me wondered if I was making it up. I was too sick to contemplate explaining how unwell I felt. In the summer, articles began to appear in the serious press of long term patients who continued to suffer the symptoms. I was grateful knowing of it, as at times I wondered whether my mind was playing tricks on me. It was a bad time, one being terribly unwell, and secondly that others did not understand.

Regular checkups are must for everyone

In November, my Godson visited Dubai from Holland, unaware he was carrying a variant. In my weak state, I caught it from him. This was now my second experience being positive with COVID19. A repetition of the high fevers, feeling hot then extremely cold to the bones, exhaustion to an extreme, aches and pains repeated once again. This time, I had difficulty breathing. Once again, isolated at home, where my sister looked after me with exquisite care, doctor called often to discuss symptoms, ensuring I was not in any danger... Yet, to my surprise, several times, I found I was not breathing. It would take me a few minutes, gulping air as best as I could till it regulated. This I did not report, as I was terrified of going into hospital. I felt either I would recover, and if not, then I preferred being in my own bed. Whether sensible or not, I preferred it this way.

The second bout, though ferocious, lasted eight days. The last night, I thought I would not survive it, yet the next day. I awoke feeling totally well. Weak, but well. After a week or so, I decided I had been in bed most of the year, I was uneasy on my feet, I must do some exercise to recover my strength. So, I began in December, to go to the beach. I love both swimming, and cold waters. It was exhilarating to find myself in the sea, I swam I still recall, the first day, 600 metres, and walked 2Kms on the beach... I loved every minute of it, even though it took the life out of me. I came home, after a shower, I slept all day. The next day was a repeat, and most days after. Slowly, I began to recover my body strength...

This went on till February, when sadly, I caught the virus once again. This time again from a family member. It was as bad as the last time, a little bit of bleeding from the lungs as well. It lasted about twelve days, once again leaving me exhausted, weak beyond belief, but in one piece! I rested for about two weeks after the recovery, and then began swimming once again.

Exercise help our body cells recover faster
Swimming is complete exercise

Lastly, I have saved that which has been most relevant for me during this prolonged illness on the one hand, and catching it thrice on the other. Through each COVID19 experience, I was in touch with Spiritual Veda. Each time, I felt his presence, his looking after me, sending me positive energies, and telling me on which day I would begin to feel better - always worked out truly. This in itself for me was the biggest medicine cure, that is of the body and soul..

On the beach, each day, after swim and walk, I would get out a much tattered copy of the Dhamapadda, which I would read, underlining, jotting notes, before meditating. It brought solace, showing me the impermanence of the body, living out my past karmas, guiding me to the road of banishing all that brings sorrow, greed, suffering, and other negativity from my mind, and trying to see the perspective of the flux of life... I have never been scared of death, but the same was fortified through understanding and compassion. I treasure this book, each time I finish reading it, I begin it again.... It shall always be so... I also treasure Spiritual Veda, who not only brought this book to my attention, but through so many travails of life, has pointed me towards the proper perspective. Through my illnesses, such guidance has been my salvation. Every day, the learning process continues, thus I hope, all the struggles to banish the mundane from my life altogether will be achieved, leading me towards well deserved smiles, shared with the needy whose welfare is very close to my heart at all times... Indeed, daily, I share smiles with many who are such good hearted kind souls... precious each one....

Never give up reading in life
Reading is world and helps sync mind,body and soul

On this note, I think I have expressed enough, emphasising how important exercise is to recovery.

With my best wishes to all who suffer this virus, hoping my experience may be of some help, and especially immense gratitude to Spiritual Veda who works endlessly for our cause,

Laila Khan

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