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How to understand anger and irritation?

Like one of the parable of sower and seeds, a seed can't mature into fruit without the proper conditions for growth, we in search of larger happiness forgot to enjoy the small moments of love, share and care,

if I ask someone to write positive about other person, one has to think a lot and if I ask same person to write negative about other, the words are numerous, sometimes, the fact of the decision is more important than its content.

Equally, if you have a tendency to rush blindly in, take a moment to pause and consider the likely effects of your actions, including the risks for you and others.

In any case, you have to find a way for your anger to co-exist with your sense of appropriate behavior and your philosophy of life or in easy terms, let the things go gracefully which doesn't belong to you, it is all about nurturing and right knowledge which lead us to the behavior we are in,

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves, first of all, if you are strong-willed, the values, morals, ideals that guide your life may have a big influence on your angry emotions and aggressive behaviors.

On the other hand, if your anger is especially strong, it may severely test or overwhelm your ideals about how to behave. understand that in life you can control only yourself and not others, when we try to push ourselves in context to others, anger and irritation tend to take birth,

Change is inevitable but changing for good is always appreciated, change within,

Enjoy the moments as God always lead us in right direction even if it doesn't make sense at times, have faith in yourself and divine within,

Peace for all from Spiritual Veda

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