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How to release the karmic pile up

the first question to ponder is what is karmic pile-up, in most simple words they are the thoughts and actions we perform throughout our existence,

Coming back to karma, just in brief I would share about karma, which are of three types, Prarabhdha (which we bring with us from our previous birth, it's like a fixed deposit) second is Sanchitta (which we are creating in this life) and the third one is Agami (which are yet to arrive based on our this life),

karmic pile-up
The layers of our karma

Now, what is karma, it is not just our actions but even our thoughts, which may or may not manifest into action, that is different, but these both comprise our karma,

Since our birth until we exist, we have millions of thoughts while some manifest into action, now both of these can be good or bad, depending on us,

Now just think in our entire life how many millions of seeds we sow, without our knowledge or with knowledge, said and done, we say, we are doing so many good deeds but still, good karma is not returning to us, because with each thought and deed we are doing barter,

Do not barter with your good deeds or thoughts

To release karmic pile-ups, we just have to be very simple and easy, try to think good and good will be manifested in actions too, I understand, the world has its chaos and so do humans, but all the changes start from one single person,

If we change ourselves first, that will affect our family and families make society, so apart from everything happening around us, let us focus on building up beautiful karma,

Good thoughts and words are free gift and easy to share, we just have to be positive, and you will witness how beautiful the life will be and there will be no load of karma because it will incarnated in you as habit or prayer and unknowingly or knowingly we will be sharing love, kindness, and care,

it start from you first
Society is all about families

We will not be worried or stressed, because of words we shared, if you always share kindness, do you think you have to think hard on what you said earlier or with whom, just think...

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