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how can you read me

How can you read me in one day when I took years to write myself,

How can we judge anyone in one day or two days or two month or years, and then we say he or she has changed,

how can you read me

We are there with anyone for few hours, ignoring that he or she has travelled all these years 24/7,

Can we sum up anyone life, experiences and attributes in first or consecutive meeting,

We start analyzing and judging each other, he is that or she is this, but we never realize what journey they are coming from, we just want to jump on conclusion of good or bad,

Can we judge anyone on the basis of our accumulated knowledge, experiences and our life journey,

Nothing is bad, only our reactions to circumstances and situations decide our path,

So let us not judge anyone, because when we haven't travelled till end how can we judge anyone for his or her journey,

Judging is not your soul purpose or life purpose, your purpose of existence is something else, define it

Think...why are we so, why cant be we kind and resonate same, is it difficult for us?

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