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How can we forget Brahma?

Tridev means Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, together they form creation in their own manifestation, but have you ever realized why we have forgotten Brahma the creator, going on the Puranas and sacred text, we come across many theories and mythological stories,

Today while sitting with one of my friend Amrendra and having coffee, he shared with me, SV, why have we forgotten Brahma and why don't we try to realize and remember His existence when He has created such a beauty which comprises of entire creation,

That one question although easy to answer but to understand more on deep thoughts, I recalled a small beautiful moment where someone shared SV I am self-made and the profile where I am now is all due to my hardwork and devotion,

That is where we forget Brahma, we forget the creator and go beyond His creation,whether modern day or anceint time, the creator is our parents too, they created us, they nurtured us, they manifested an individual earth for us where we can live, grow and learn comfortably and freely, yet in our journey at sometime we forget them and their contribution,

Brahma or parents, can we forget

We forget Brahma, we forget parents, we forget the creator and start saying we are self-made, are we really self-made, what is the one thing we hold of self, can you name it, I think not, everything is gifted right from our existence till we merge, beauty is we being self-made cannot depart on legs ourselves, we need help even to merge at various grounds,

We forget Brahma and we forget parents, more we are connected to creator more we are grounded, humble and full of gratitude, and that gratitude resonates as our kindness, no matter how much we can boast self but truth is, Brahma and His creation for us,

Life is fast and in flux, so are we, changing every moment as per our needs, changing the geometry of our existence as per our environment and terming as adaptability, but no matter where we travel and what we shape into, creator and creation can never be forgotten,

You can't measure the gift of sunlight

Brahma or parents are still alive, in various forms in us, try to look into mirror and you will find Brahma aka your parents somewhere in your manifestation,

Can you ever say you are not like your parents or forefathers somewhere down the line, and for the same we say Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahma or ultimate creation), the word creation is beautiful, and if we are always connected to reality of creator we will never be going to far or point of no return,

Think...why should we not forget Brahma..

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