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Homecoming, when will you return

Most of us are travelling in the journey called life, just carrying on from one step to another, one milestone to another, without knowing and understanding what we are here for, earning money, lots and lots, then again searching and starting journey,

Someone asked, which path should I take, I asked, well it depends, where are you going, he said I don't know, then I said, if you don't know where are you going, then whatever path you will take, you will take will get there,

walk and walk, but do seek the destination not milestones

He said I don't understand, so I shared a small story about the two son of a farmer, once they grow up, farmer divided the property equally to both, the elder one took entire money and went to city whlle the younger one was at home with farmer,

Working day and night at farm, working hard in sun or in rain to grow crops while the elder one in city, spent his money in merry, glamour, materialism and disconnected with family at village,

As time travelled, farmer received the news that elder son wants to come back home because he has lost everything what was given to him by his father, and the son feel sorry for whatever he did in past to him and family,

Farmer, called everyone from village, kept a big celebration and welcome party for his elder son returning, son arrived and farmer welcomed him like anything,

Seeing all this, younger son got angry and annoyed by the farmer and said, father, i spend my whole life working hard at farm with you and never ever you celebrated me or my life like you are doing for brother now,

Farmer smiled and said" son, homecoming is for those who are lost, you are already at home" think...

Have you done your homecoming?

Stay blessed

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Laila khan khan
Laila khan khan
Apr 22, 2021

What an exciting coming home for the lost son.... A father with a heart of gold, no vengefulness, or thinking back... Instead he moved forward in the most compassionate manner possible.... a lesson in life....

Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Apr 22, 2021
Replying to

It was a homecoming and God always welcome like parents for the kids who are lost and return back to hold hands, thank you kind soul @laila khan, stay blessed 🙌🙌

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