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Healers, is it difficult being one?

What is love? a simple question yet most complicated to answer, we all love each other, we all love more materialism and we all love more praises, does all this comprise of love or called love,

No, love is always unconditional, because if there is condition then it is not love but need or want or selfishness, in love you do not desire to take but to give and only give, if you love, then just give your time, feelings and eternal love, if you have desire of return then it is simple barter business,

The one who love never have need to take or expect in return, love in itself is divine and being with divine is love,

Love is beyond forms

Healers, everyone is healer within, just that we have to realize that healing love beyond expectation, love beyond expectation, love unconditional and love without prejudice of forms,

For a healer, everyone is same, everyone means every form, he or she is all same, for healer, its just soul with outer covering and healers just share love, not even expecting in return that individual heals or not, they just pray for everyone without any expectation, because expecting someone to heal is also return,

Being healer is easy, being love is easy, once we realize our existence and sync with that existence,

Everyday I receive so many healing requests across globe, they are beautiful souls whom I have never met in life and might never meet and never know who and where they are, but that doesn't stop us to share love, heal and forget,

In healing it is never "I did it" or "because of me he or she got healed" if we think on same line then healing is ego, just do it and forget, disconnect the chord, it is never you but the divine in you through you healed someone, you are just medium,

Once you share above words, you are harming more rather then healing the being you healed,

Your body is just covering
Healing touch is about soul

You are born with a treasure of eternal love, and that treasure expands and increases when you share more and more, it is a treasure which never empties,

One need to understand love and eternal love, to earn money you have lot of businesses but to love you do not have to expect money in return, just share your love and keep walking ahead,

The beauty of moon can be witnessed when the water is still, and same is eternal love, beauty is when you see everything still or same, do not make your body your address,

You are a healer and beautiful one too,

Stay blessed everyone

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