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Have you ever learned from nature?

We are nature, right, no, but we are nature, how, nature comprises of everything, you, me, flora & fauna and above all entire mother earth,

So are we really learning from nature, tell me,

Witness around yourself, must have seen the farms, if the seeds are not sowed for long time, what happens, unwanted shrubs grow and it become difficult to remove them until and unless we really put lot of efforts, same is our mind, if we do not sow it with positive, compassionate and kind thoughts, like shrubs, our mind will also grow negative, anger, jealous or unwanted thoughts,

Secondly, whatever nature owns shares the same thing, like mango tree will give only mango, orange will give always orange and so on,

Are we not same, if we have happiness we will share happiness, if we have sorrow we will share sorrow, if we are negative we will share negativity, if we have knowledge we share knowledge, if we have anger we share anger, if we have smiles we share smiles, think, what are you sharing, just think...

Anything in access in nature, like manure or fertilizer or water or ploughing or rains, ruins the crop, right, so if we have access of knowledge, we cant digest it and results in show-off of knowledge, if we have access of money we generally become extravagant and prideful, access of fame and praises build ego, if we cant digest happiness it leads to chaos

So whole idea is, access of anything is not healthy for us, even if we drink in access of water or food, it creates indigestion,

Keep learning from nature, it is in itself a mega university, a best teacher, guide and guru, just open your eyes and realize the beauty of existence you are in,

Stay blessed

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