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First ever app to receive and send prayers

Need your support in promoting this effort from me to bring humanity on one platform to pray and heal each other, Spiritual Veda over the years has been working globally for creating smiles and facilitating peace of mind. A prayer sans borders and imagine if one prayer can do a wonder for you; how much can a thousand prayers do. Spiritual Veda, which has been spreading smiles for many years now, wants everyone to pray for everyone else; making and connecting the world as a global community. An app to send and receive prayers globally! Could you have ever thought that? Spiritual Veda has come up with something amazing. First-ever app to send and receive prayers (

Prayer is a prayer, let us heal each other and create smiles
first ever app to send and receive prayers

Please download and spread a word:

It is android based, stay blessed everyone 🙌🙌

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